Creative Feminine Rising


Your Creative Feminine Rising

Know Thyself as a Creative Force
in the Birth of the New Earth.

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign

Sacred Feminine Light Portals
Tools for Your Awakening

Silky Scarfs

Feel the magic and the surprising energy surge when  you wrap yourself in one of these activating geometry grids.

Luminous Metal Altars

Round altars to light up your Sacred Spaces as you attune to the light portal frequencies of your choice. 

Portal Pillows

Pure organic cotton meditation pillows with activating geometry grids to support your inward journeys in comfort and beauty.

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

Journey to Sacred Remembrance

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign

Become A Glowing Sanctuary

I am Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills, a priestess guide on a mission to inspire your Divine Remembrance through my channeled line of vibrational art, personal mentorship and temple arts trainings.

My winding journey has brought me here, with an invitation for you….. to step into your Creative Feminine Awakening, with embodied Sacred Presence, Clarity and Purposeful Soul Expression.

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

I Believe In The Magic That Arises From The Inner World

I believe life can be fun, even in the midst of this most challenging time on Earth.
I believe that we are in an Ascension Process and that the New Earth will surpass your wildest imagination in a really good way.
I believe that your creativity matters. That each of us is needed in our fullness for the New Earth to emerge.
I believe it is our joy that creates the resonance for the ascension of the Earth.
I believe that your actions AND your dreams matter.
Communing with Nature matters and recognizing yourself as part of this glorious ecosystem changes reality.
How you cultivate your home space matters.
How you tend to your thoughts, beliefs and your body matters.
Your Intuition matters deeply, and It opens up when you do

Classes. Workshop. Mentorship.

Your Creative Feminine Rising

Frame 8-8

Art As Soul

Paint as an expression of your Soul’s essence, finding inner healing as you open creative gateways far beyond the mind.

Untitled design (1)

Sacred Feminine Embodiment

Align with your natural creative feminine power by activating the gates of remembrance at the holy womb center.



Temple Arts

Explore the temple arts and come into a high vibration both inside and in your home environment. Sacred Space is everything.

In a fragmented world of endless distraction… Only the path of Self remembrance will guide you home. 

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

Are you Ready? Let’s co-create some magic

I wonder what awakenings await – as you claim your path of trusted intuition and creative flow.

Life Is short. Let's get you moving to your next level of feminine awakening. schedule your free discovery session now!

Dr. Neesa

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign

Life Changing Mentorship


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