Creative Feminine Rising

Awaken To
The Divine Feminine

Through a unique blend of ancient wisdom, embodiment practices, and creative expression, you'll reconnect with your authentic self and unlock the sacred potential within.

Meet Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills: Your Guide to Creative Feminine Rising

As a Priestess, Artist, Intuitive Guide, and Master Healer, I have dedicated my life to helping women reconnect with their Divine Feminine essence and unleash their creative potential. With a unique blend of expertise in the sacred arts, energy healing, and body alignment, I guide my clients on transformative journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.

Inspired by my own journey of creative awakening and spiritual growth, I’m passionate about sharing the wisdom of the Divine Feminine with women around the world. Through my classes, workshops, and private mentorship programs, I create sacred spaces for women to explore their inner landscapes, trust their intuition, and align with their soul's purpose.

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Discover the Power of the Sacred Feminine Light Portals

At the heart of my teachings are the Sacred Feminine Light Portals – a series of geometric altars imbued with consciousness codes that activate specific aspects of your feminine awakening.

The 5 portals can be navigated as a step by step awakening journey. However, the portals do speak to YOU as an individual if you gravitate to one specific Portal – allow it to pull you in and get started.

what's it going to be? pick your portal journey

Each portal carries a unique energy signature:

Cosmic Waters

Cosmic Waters

Connect to the deep feminine element of water and awaken to the oneness of all life.

Womb Garden

Womb Garden

Rediscover your intuition and creative life force through the wisdom of your sacred womb.

Star Mother


Commune with the vast feminine guides in the Stars and awaken to spiritual guidance from the Great Mother.

Diamond Heart


Elevate your heart frequencies and embody Christ Consciousness through the diamond portal.

New Earth Generator


Align your journey with the ascension codes of Mother Earth and co-create a harmonious future.

Working with these portals will help you tap into ancient Priestess knowledge and accelerate your spiritual growth.


Experience the magic of
Sacred Feminine Light Portals as you...

Feel the magic and the surprising energy surge when  you wrap yourself in one of these activating geometry grids.

Silky Scarfs

Luminous Metal Altars

Round altars to light up your Sacred Spaces as you attune to the light portal frequencies of your choice. 

Portal Pillows

Pure organic cotton meditation pillows with activating geometry grids to support your inward journeys in comfort and beauty.

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

Journey to Sacred Remembrance

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign

Your Creative Source Connection

Big life answers rarely come through thinking!

Getting lost in your creative flow is where Big Visions are born.  

Making Art is an act of decoding your Soul’s calling – especially important in times of transition when life has thrown you a curve ball or you are hearing a nagging whisper inside calling for change.  

I understand that bringing the Feminine forward to heal ourselves and our world requires Source creativity, that unique channel that pours through each and every one of us. (When we let it!)

As a priestess guide and impassioned artist, I have cultivated a bridge between art and the path of the awakening Divine Feminine. What an ecstatic discovery that this path is how we find our way home to what we are here to do and to be, to radiate joy, heal ourselves and have a great time expressing from the well within!

Part of this journey is the remembrance of the Great Mother. With her, you expand your heart and ground your creative acts in the full range of your multi-dimensional Self. 

I am here to support your journey of decoding and remembrance through courses, private mentorship and my own artistic creations. 

xo Dr. Neesa

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

Keys to Your Queendom Are Beyond the Veils

Art is a path to a creative feminine life, to find the answers unique to your Soul’s journey.

Trusting your intuition matters big time, and the creative life is a great listening practice. 

When you stir your feminine cauldron, you heal your body and make space for renewal.

You can best support others when you walk the balance with self expression. 

Your actions AND your dreams matter. Expressing your creativity matters.

The creative act is how to gain access to that which would otherwise remain unseen.

How you cultivate your home space matters. Your space is a reflection of a clear inner world. 

It is your joy that creates the resonance for the magic of the New Earth to be born.

Life as Art can be fun, even in the midst of this most challenging time on Earth.


Classes. Workshop. Mentorship.

Your Creative Feminine Rising

Frame 8-8

Art As Soul

Paint as an expression of your Soul’s essence, finding inner healing as you open creative gateways far beyond the mind.

Untitled design (1)

Sacred Feminine Embodiment

Align with your natural creative feminine power by activating the gates of remembrance at the holy womb center.



Temple Arts

Explore the temple arts and come into a high vibration both inside and in your home environment. Sacred Space is everything.

In a fragmented world of endless distraction… Only the path of Self remembrance will guide you home. 

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

Are you Ready? Let’s co-create some magic!

I wonder what awakenings await – as you claim your path of trusted intuition, pick up a paintbrush, attune to your Womb alchemy and step onto your yellow brick road?!  

Life Is short. Let's get you moving to your next level of CREATIVE feminine awakening. schedule your free discovery session now!

Dr. Neesa

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign

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