Creative Feminine Rising

Creative feminine rising

Dr. Neesa

Neesa is a way-shower through the challenges of personal evolution, opening a pathway for awakening women to find a happier, healthier and spiritually aligned place. As the founder of Creative Feminine Rising, her work is dedicated to a New Earth, where humanity is grounded in sovereign Health, Spiritual and Artistic Self Expression. 

She has worked as a healing professional and ceremonial guide for 30 years, dedicated to empowering self awareness, body-mind transformation and creative spiritual awakening.


My Personal Initiation....

As my life was then, I could never have imagined I would be where I am now – living a dreamy life at the foot of a holy mountain, grateful for each day I get to enjoy my healthy vibrant body, the fruits of rich devotional spiritual practices, art making and sharing my gifts through live retreats, online teaching and healing sessions.

I am in awe that my spirit-guided path has led me to the perfect synthesis of all that I have fostered in my lifetime, having found my way to birthing Creative Feminine Rising™

I am now dedicated to supporting clients and students to unleash their own powerful sovereign presence through creative practices, the cultivation of body/energy mastery and attuning inwardly to access the keys to divine union.

This is indeed the type of self-mastery needed to ignite divine feminine wisdom and catalyze the birth of a New Earth.

(And of course, this does not come without dedication, courage and willingness to negotiate some challenges).

I hope that sharing the story of my personal rocky road to wholeness will shine a bright light on your ever evolving journey.


my story

When the old life no longer works and a rebirth is emerging...

I remember vividly the moment when the bottom dropped out. It felt like an earthquake beneath my feet – that fateful day when I walked away from my cushy beachside home on the northern California coastside.

The unraveling of the satisfying life I had as a chiropractic doctor and a single mama had vanished overnight, my beautiful professional office, my home, my mothering focus and the life I had worked so hard to build for over 20 years.

Truth be known, it was devastating, the shock, the grief, the profound loss… Yet somehow, I had faith that my Soul was working out a higher plan.

I had always been courageous and determined to live life on my terms, yet the autopilot parts of my life apparently needed a massive pattern interrupt so I could truly step into alignment with my highest potential as a steward of the emerging New Earth.

As I stood at a crossroads, similar to the shocking place we face today as a collective – with the same kind of choice point: To freeze in fear or expand into the wild mystery of forced evolution.

I chose evolution and the sweet path of divine surrender.

As I stepped away from my old life and claimed the priestess path of emerging womb wisdom. I deepened my internal roots in unexpected ways and discovered liberation in releasing myself from the web of constraint and the limitations that had kept me on a treadmill most of my life. For many months, I sat in deep meditation, unraveling that which no longer served who I was becoming.
While I had no consistent home or predictable income for four years, I found that I was always fully supported continually landing in the lap of grace. It was this experience of daily life in the unknown that grew my faith and trust, forever changing my reality.
This precious gift of surrender allowed for lifetimes of psycho-emotional patterns to fall away and open space for deeper spiritual expression. I even heeded the call to adopt my Soul’s name – Neesa – and accept my role to guide others into the burgeoning paradigm of the promised New Earth.

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign

And the life changing paintings...Holy Goddess... more on that later

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The key I discovered...

During this time of great uncertainty, I chose to stay with courage and flow with the inner guidance that always had my back.

In the waters of this moving current, the next magical step was always revealed right on time, but never sooner. As I relaxed into the mystery, the many parts of my life journey began to assemble into some kind of a beautiful, luminous puzzle – integrating my expertise as a chiropractic doctor, artist, energy healer and channel, a ceremonial priestess and professional writer. (I started this wild life ride as a journalist in the 1980s!)

And then… another important step on my 4-year magical mystery tour arrived, an invitation to become a teacher of Intentional Creativity™. This painting study into the archetypical feminine with international teacher Shiloh Sophia proved to be an integral piece to my luminous puzzle – shifting me deeply both personally and professionally. I am still in awe at the power of this painting approach and the impact the healing images I produced had on my psyche. As I explored the invisible parts of myself through painting, these images were simultaneously forming a foundation for my passionate purpose and the eventual founding of Creative Feminine Rising. 

Now grounded in a home, feeling rooted with my offerings to the world, the path of listening and following the often-illogical steps laid out before me remain a key to my bountiful life. It was this commitment to following guidance at all costs that led me to move to mystical Mount Shasta in 2020.

In the midst of a chaotic global pandemic, I heeded the call of the Great Mystery and found a mountain home with my youngest daughter, channeled a series of sacred geometry images for conscious awakening, and co-founded a women’s mystery school ( What a magical year!

Creative Flow Is Key to a New Earth

Through devotion and trust in the emerging wisdom within, the creative flow naturally finds its way to blossom. Creative practices and the willingness to bust out of the boxes of social conditioning is to discover the true freedom to shine.

By holding true to holding space for what’s birthing from the inside, magic unfolds. It’s a flowering I’ve witnessed over and over again with my students and in my own life.

I’m not telling my story to boast. I’m sharing what happens on the women’s wisdom path – the profound journey to deep listening, self-honoring and actualization of the Divine Design inside.This is this uniquely feminine path of discovery that is needed to reinvent a reality that aligns with heart-centered Truth.

My mission today with Creative Feminine Risingis to guide others through the choppy waters of human evolution into the new 5D reality, where we are being asked to operate in harmony with higher flow frequencies and to function with upgraded biological systems.

I believe that your special Self is needed to light up the world. What unique Soul gifts and consciousness codes are just waiting to emerge through your own precious life? I suspect you may already have a sense of what they are.

All it takes now is the courage to say ‘yes’ to the journey!

Let’s explore.

Join me for a workshop, private counsel or for a retreat in mystical, magical Mount Shasta, where I live.

Professional Bio

Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills

Neesa is a wayshower through the challenges of personal evolution, opening a pathway for her clients to find a happier, healthier and spiritually aligned place. She is the founder of Creative Feminine Rising™, a dedication to a New Earth where humanity is grounded in Sovereign Health, Spiritual and Artist Self Expression.

With a background as a chiropractor and extensive training in various spiritual and creative practices, Neesa’s clients include health practitioners, professional women, and those on a spiritual path.

A lifelong researcher, Neesa has an impressive array of studies and certification beyond her chiropractic professional foundation, including graduating from the Center for Sacred Studies mystery school, the Color of Woman creativity teacher training, journeying through two Womb Wisdom immersive trainings and co- founding Her Holy Temple Mystery School for women.

She is the founder of two Bay Area healing centers and loves to facilitate in-person women’s retreats and painting classes, as well as teach online about sovereignty and creative expression. In her free time, Neesa can be found skiing and hiking on Mount Shasta and channeling her intuitive perceptions into dynamic paintings and altar objects.

Dr. Neesa also maintains an in-person healing practice in Mt. Shasta with her signature BodyEnergyAlignment system, where she supports clients in clearing energy patterns and bringing balance to the whole person, physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic.