Creative Feminine Rising

Creative feminine rising

The Creative Awakening Store

Discover the mystic beauty of spiritual art pieces for elevating your meditation: Sacred Geometry Altars and Meditation Pillows that illuminate and activate your inner journey to awakening consciousness. Add a calming, inspired touch in any space or setting.

Altar Portals

A series of high frequency geometry tools for personal and planetary transformation. Each of these channeled and encoded portals are Sacred Space Generators that provide access to an essential key to humanity’s rising feminine consciousness.

Cosmic Waters

Use this visionary tool to tap into water as a bridge between the primordial Great Mother and healthy human consciousness.

Womb Garden

This geometry is activator for women to come back to the innocence of her feminine anatomy, awaken her Holy Womb and restore the innate power of her embodied presence.

Star Mother

Find union with the Great Mother by working with the unique geometry configuration encoded in this design. An access tool to ascended master feminine guides, specifically the cosmic ancestry of the Pleiades star system.

Diamond Heart

Attune with the Heart of Christ Consciousness and the holy family of women who supported Christ Jeshua. This activating tool contains geometry codes to restore the chakras to the original template of the Divine Human.

New Earth Generator

Align your energy systems with the frequencies of Gaia’s ascension. The encoded shapes in this channeled design support the meditator to vibrate with the resonance of the New Earth.