Creative Feminine Rising

Altar Practices For Conscious Creators

Ignite Your Temple Space

Awaken your sacred power with this special 7-day meditation and manifestation journey.

Get aligned and connected with a chosen space frequency, and you will shift your inner power and your outer reality.

Set the energy of your home to vibrate like a temple.

Welcome dear Conscious Creator!

I’m so glad you found your way to my page. I’m excited to share with you some of the magic I have offered in private ceremonial spaces for the past three decades – giving you tools you will need to set a powerful, sparkling space to enliven your Soul’s highest potential.

After walking the path of the ceremonial priestess all these years, I have found the rules are the same. For both ceremonial spaces and home altars, it is the frequency that sets the tone for authentic spiritual connection, healing and manifestation.

Spiritual traditions have long understood that setting up high vibrational environments hold a key to the inner peace and expanded consciousness for Soul advancement.

Here’s Why:

Intentionally created space becomes a powerful container for your personal evolution, and is a direct reflection of your inner Self – as on the outside, so it is on the inside, and vice versa.

Taking purposeful steps to attune your altar space activates your inner spiritual power too, and anchors your commitment to being a portal for the light in the world.

By creating clear pathways for elevated energies to move through your home, you are setting yourself up for success, to claim the healthy, prosperous, soul-aligned life you are seeking.

With a passionate flair for beauty and a crystalline sense of why space matters, I’ve guided countless groups through my 7-day Ignite Your Temple Space course.

I look forward to sparking your unique expression as you reap the rewards of my decades of experience in space clearing, crystal gridding, precision geometry and temple practices.This priceless and timeless wisdom will be at your access for years to come.

Xo Neesa

For You…


Advanced meditators and Soul Guides looking for an interior reset


Creatives on a mission to clear blocks and expand into prosperity and greater harmony


Beginners ready to learn how to clear space and set up a powerful altar


Spiritual devotees seeking inner transformation through Divine Access

Move through this 7-day experience with classical space teachings, plus the added benefits of Neesa’s Sacred Feminine Light Portals, an esoteric series of uniquely channeled geometry to attune you with codes of the Great Feminine Awakening.

Entering into the consciousness encoded in each of the geometry portals will set an internal foundation for you to power up your own home temple.

A Luminous Pathway to:


Open Up a Prosperity Portal


Transform your home into a
beacon of Light


Wire your home for health
and wealth


Uplevel your health resorance


Clear resistance and

hidden sabotage


Increased joy of renewed
beauty all around you

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

Your Seven Day Temple Transformation

Attune to the subtle energies of your home sanctuary as you prepare to clear space for an altar that fuels your Soul's highest creative expression.
DAY 2: Reframe
DAY 2: Reframe

Reframe your home and altar as mythological space, a sacred tool to generate a life rich in synchronicity and wonder. Connect with the depth of your inner waters to reveal more of your mythic life.


Enter the deep feminine space within, deepening your access to creativity and divine wisdom. Ignite feminine wisdom frequencies to set your home temple as you reclaim yourself and a Divine vessel.

Receive the essential steps to invent your home temple space in less than a week. Tune into the inner guidance for this generative process by nourishing your cosmic connection with Divine Mother.

Expand your Divine Presence with the power and precision of Sacred Geometry. Experience this spiritual technology as an activator to clear your chakras and uplevel your capacity to receive Christ Consciousness.


Anchor your expanded Self into the Earth were you live and make relations with the community of life forms residing beneath your feet. Learn the tools to ground these newfound connections for a healthy, happy home.


Activate your sacred space through a precise energy invocation, turning on the true potential of your altar as a spiritual light source. Optimize your activation by harmonizing with the energies of the New Earth.

Flow into your harmonized home with a meditation journey to meet the Spirit of your home, and find optimal communion with the unseen to make your space sing. Explore space cleaning methods for a pristine place for your soul and your family’s health and well-being.

Altar Practices For Conscious Creators

Are you Ready to Light Up Your Home Temple?

Enroll now for your Sacred Space makeover and mark your calendar for 7 consecutive days to allot an hour a day to transform your space. This evergreen program allows you to begin anytime, and you can keep the recordings for a home reset for any new season in your life.

Just $222

      Your Journey to Ignite Your Temple Space:

  • 7 days of targeted sacred space activation teachings on video
  • 7 powerful recorded portal meditations to illuminate your inner vision
  • A bonus teaching to attune you with the living spirit of your home
  • Encouraging daily emails to charge your personal practices
  • Priceless lifetime video recordings
  • 15% discount on Neesa’s portals – luminous metal and scarves

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.


I Now Know the Importance of A Space Resonant With My Heart

Meditating with Neesa was something I looked forward to every morning. She sets a deeply connected space so I could go ‘inside’ and connect with dimensions that are grounding, uplifting and expansive.

She has a gift for creating painted portals that are both beautiful and powerful.

When we tapped into them the energy of each, it was profound and brought me to a place of stillness.

As a professional coach, I must say that having my home sacred space has allowed me to bring out more of me in the realm of service.

Thank you Neesa!


Neesa’s Channeled Meditation       Are Extraordinary

Her presence and expertise in creating sacred altars and mandalas of sacred pathway designs for our own initiations are beyond words.

The connection I feel to Divine Mother-God, Mother Gaia and my own body temple with all its multi-faceted needs and shared community expression have deepened wondrously and profoundly.

My heart has embraced a beautiful sweetness again that was present in my childhood. Creativity? Off the charts!

Thank you for this auspicious journey! Your light, love and serving is so palpable and welcomed.


She Channels Messages That Transform at a Deep Level

Neesa’s meditation and altar creation class gives me space to rest in a pure container of love and wisdom in my home.

Her authenticity creates a safe container for people to be vulnerable, allowing them to heal, expand, connect to, and experience a beautiful circle of support. 

Her guided meditations are incredibly powerful, as she gently guides us through the process of creating beautiful altars. 

It was wonderful to share our altar creations with other students so we could see the inspiring holy spaces created by others.


“I received results much bigger than transforming
my space”


“I’ve learned that not only can I build a sense of sanctuary in my home, but in myself.”


Your Home Light Portal

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