Creative Feminine Rising

Awaken Your Sacred Power

Clear your mental and emotional clutter and discover your Soul’s inner power with powerful 1-1 guidance with Dr. Neesa and her 30+ years of experience.

Healing & Mentorship

Work Privately with Dr. Neesa

Are You Ready to Soar to the Next Level?

  • Ignite your inner fire with clarity, direction and purpose. 
  • Clear old patterns through powerful energy healing methods. 
  • Unlock your intuition so you are guided by your truest Feminine essence.
  • Restore the Sacred to all that you are and do. 
  • Create a pathway that is uniquely yours and bring out your hidden gifts.
  • To flourish confidently on the journey to the New Earth.

Advanced Body & Energy Healing

Experience Dr. Neesa’s laser support and guidance for a healthy and radiant body.

Explore the depths of subconscious blocks as you release pain, unearth hidden potential and align all parts of yourself with true purpose and fulfillment.

This powerful distant energy healing supports spiritual awakening and body health while advancing the embodiment potential to integrate an expanded Soul presence.

These sessions feature Dr. Neesa’s channeled sacred geometry energy activations.

Clearing & Awakening Your Feminine Womb

Bring focus to your physical womb health and your freedom through private mentorship with Dr. Neesa’s expertise as a Shamanic Womb Priestess, body alignment specialist, and intuitive energy healer. 

The mentoring experience with Dr. Neesa includes womb awakening, energy healing, creative practices and personal guidance to shift the psycho/emotional and spiritual issues linked to the deep feminine – the conscious and unconscious challenges often responsible for dis-ease and blocks to your life expression.

The womb and sexual parts of a woman carry unresolved grief around abortions, miscarriages, sexual encounters, relationships, family of origin patterns, difficult menses, and menopause. 

Unresolved patterns expressed in the physical can include infertility, polyps, endometriosis, tumors, dead libido and recurring infections. 

Clearing and activating an elevated womb consciousness is a key to birthing a New Earth as each woman comes online through her innate body knowing and steps into the bounty of remembering the deep wisdom embedded in her feminine biology.

Clear & Awaken

3 months to transform

  • 9 fully customized private sessions – online or in-person.
  • Bonus: Restore Your Womb Heart, a pre-recorded 5-video course (Valued $177)

Full price – $1997

Prepay discount – $1497 – Save $500

Release & Restore

Private session package

  • 5 private sessions – online or in-person

Full price – $975

Prepay discount – $888 – Save $87

Divine Feminine Mentorship

Find your way home to feminine wholeness with customized spiritual mentorship for women on the devotional path of the Sacred Feminine. Sessions include intuitive womb healings, therapeutic art practices, energetic clearings and elder guidance to land your confident next steps

  • Ongoing remote transformational support.
  • Healing Intensives 1-5 days in Mt. Shasta.


Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.

Let’s Talk To See How Can I Support You On
Your Journey To Health And Freedom

Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.


Wow! It was like Someone Turned on a Light and my Energy Shifted

I have worked with Neesa over the last several years, both privately and in groups. This wonderful woman can ‘move energy’ in a powerful way that is beyond words. 

Often when I feel off-center, stuck emotionally, or just caught in an old pattern, I call her and my energy shifts quickly.

I recently had a session with her over Zoom. While it didn’t seem like much was happening at first, then in a moment everything shifted and I found my center again.

I’m grateful too that when my husband and I saw her as a couple, it was a ‘big shift for us.’ I totally trust her.


The most unique, instinctive, and spontaneous body worker I have worked with over years

I had the privilege of working with Neesa in person this summer in Mt. Shasta, which was truly remarkable, and we have continued with a series of remote sessions.

Her deep understanding of the physical body and energetic system coupled with her intuitive ability to interpret what the body needs at a given time to channel healing energy is profound. I knew during the first session that Neesa was unique in her skill set, as she skillfully identified and cleared energy blockages leaving me feeling rejuvenated and balanced. 

She has helped me to shift painful patterns that started with a traumatic injury nearly 30 years ago, and step-by-step, over the last few months, I continue to feel more fluid and upright in my body.


Neesa’s gifts are extraordinary and deeply transformative

Neesa holds a space of a compassionate Goddess. A deeply loving energy field enveloped us as we connected from a distance. 

Using her shamanic gifts of clear seeing, chanting, rattling and singing, Neesa supported me in releasing layers of old and deep wounding that I was unable to get to on my own. 

Then we basked together in unconditional love of Goddess Mother Gaia. Neesa’s gifts are extraordinary and deeply transformative.

I immediately began emerging from what had been a very challenging month both physically and emotionally.