Creative Feminine Rising


Release and Restore Your Feminine Womb



Additional Information

Private 1-1 Spiritual Counsel, Energy Healing and Creative Practices with Dr. Neesa.

The mentoring experience with Dr. Neesa includes womb awakening, energy healing, creative practices and personal guidance to shift the psycho/emotional and spiritual issues linked to the deep feminine – the conscious and unconscious challenges often responsible for dis-ease and blocks to your life expression.

The womb and sexual parts of a woman carry unresolved grief around abortions, miscarriages, sexual encounters, relationships, family of origin patterns, difficult menses, and menopause.

Unresolved patterns expressed in the physical can include infertility, polyps, endometriosis, tumors, dead libido and recurring infections.

Clearing and activating an elevated womb consciousness is a key to birthing a New Earth as each woman comes online through her innate body knowing and steps into the bounty of remembering the deep wisdom embedded in her feminine biology.

  • 5 private sessions – online or in-person